Whether you buy or sell, you get the assurance of superior service, a low commission rate and one professional expertise to help you during your closing.

Buying Central FL Residential Real Estate:
There are always plenty of unknowns and questions when it comes to buying residential real estate in central Florida – or anywhere else for that matter.

- Should you buy a new house? A used one?
- How much can you afford?
- Do you need to sell your current home first?
- What locations seem ideal for you?
- What size home do you need?

All of these questions are valid – and important – when it comes to buying a home, which is likely to be one of the largest investments you’ll ever make.

As your trusted real estate agent, we’re here to guide through many of these questions to help you define the ideal home, and location, for you.

Selling Central FL Residential Real Estate:
Don’t leave money at the table when it comes to selling your home or other real estate. Your real estate was an investment, and now that you’re selling it, or preparing to sell it, you want to receive a fair offer that lets you walk away from closing knowing feeling good about the sale and the price you received.

When you choose ME Realty to represent you as a seller, we market your home through a wide range of digital and traditional channels to ensure you’re listing gets seen in relevant markets by a large audience. We also rely on our vast network to locate qualified buyers for your property.

If you list or purchase your property with ME Realty, we’ll provide a free attorney for you at closing – that’s in addition to our low, commission of 5.8%. We believe that everybody should have both a seasoned real estate professional AND a competent attorney to act on your behalf and in your best interest.

Contact us today and let ME help you!