ME Realty

ME Realty offers low commission and a professional expertise to help you secure your new home or sale!

Whether you’re buying or selling your first or your 21st house, you want representation on your side that ensures you are getting the best possible deal and that you earn and keep every possible dollar at closing.

At ME Realty, we provide you with superior representation during every step of the selling or buying process – from finding the right buyer or seller to helping you understand the mountain of paperwork that often comes with closing on the sale or purchase of a residential or commercial property. And we do all this with a low commission rates and we needed, even provide you with a lawyer for closing.

Are you buying or selling a residential or commercial property in central Florida? Contact us today and let ME help you – and ensure you’re getting the best deal possible at closing.


jonathaneichelberger-headshotAt ME Realty, we’re about giving you great results during the process of buying or selling residential and commercial real estate. We’re accountable to you, and only you when you choose us as your buying or selling agent. We feel so strongly that everybody needs competent representation during the purchase and sale of real estate that we offer one of our attorney to represent you – free of charge – at your closing.

Maybe you recognize us from our weekly radio show on 540-WFLA where we give listeners an insight into the practice areas of ME Law – including mortgage foreclosure, loan modification, bankruptcy and more. If that’s the case, then you probably already know how much our clients mean to us.

Every real estate client who hires us gets the same level of service and the same commitment as those who retain us for foreclosures, loan modifications, bankruptcy and more.

Contact us today and let ME help you!